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Azaria Owens

"I like to make art because it's a great way to relax and it's time consuming I want to inspire the world to see everything in new colors. My art mainly focuses on what the world could be and what it is now and each project I learned to believe and trust in what I do because that is the most important thing in art."
"The charcoal portrait was focused on what I am today now, the acrylic self portrait is what I hope to be in the future and seeing the world in a different colors with a yellow sky and orange clouds."
"Writing and illustrating the book made me realize even if you try your best and you don't think it's your best it can be inspiring to other people. Your worst can be the best to someone else. It is the best because you tried." 
"I've taken from this program to never give up on hope and always find a way to enjoy everything you do."

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