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IRB and Media Release Forms

In order to have your child paid for participating in PK&Art, Virginia State University requires that you complete these forms for the VSU Institutional Review Board. The first form is a consent form that gives your permission for your child to be involved in the Project Knowledge research. The second form is an assent form which indicates you have some understanding of the project. The last form is a media release form that allows your child’s image and the images of their work to be displayed on this website.

Student Grading/Payment System

There has been $1,000 budgeted for your child to participate over the entire 5 weeks. We are using a point system that is illustrated below. The focus of this program is to determine if Art instruction can also be used to motivate students to create new ways to learn academics. Students have been asked to create a program for fourth graders that focuses on multiplication, division and fractions. We are asking that each student review several units using the iXL platform. Your child has been enrolled in iXL at no cost to you.

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Go Henry Payment Method

The Go Henry app is for teaching kids financial literacy. Go Henry is also the way we have elected to pay our student participants. A Go Henry student debit card MUST be linked to a parent bank account. You may put as little as $1.00 in the account under Parent Balance. You will then be asked to allow our program manager to be a co-parent. Co-parents do not have access to the parent accounts but may deposit money on to the card for the student’s use. The debit card can be used online, at ATM’s and for in-store purchases.

As soon as the account is set-up we will deposit funds for each week your child has participated. The amount of the payment will be determined by the number of points earned.

We are using this app to include financial literacy...but it is your choice.

Our funding is from Capital One and they have this requirement. we are not requiring you to look at the lessons but they are available to you if you so choose.

If you have any questions or concerns please respond to the text messages from the PK&Art program manager or email us at

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